TermsCheck is a division of Informita. If you want to check your supplier or customer payment term data against real supplier and customer data then this is the place. Your data is secure, and your company identity is always protected. Find out much more at TermsCheck.com.

The Working Capital Channel

Together with our friends at DiscoverEdge, Informita has launched The Working Capital Channel. The Working Capital Channel is the ultimate resource channel to learn about working capital & cash flow management. Readers will benefit from the years of experience, across the globe and in many different environments. We will share experience, best practices, benchmarks, tools and templates without you having to spend considerable sums of money on consulting. Find out more at www.workingcapitalchannel.com.


DiscoverEdge are experts in data analysis and business analytics. They have developed “CashForce” to help companies optimise working capital and cash forecasting.

CashForce allows you to accurately forecast your incoming and outgoing cash flows by combining imported bank balances, real-time data from your ERP, as well as recurring cash flows (e.g. leasing costs, insurance costs, loans, salaries…) managed inside the platform. By doing so, you will be able to detect any cash shortages or surpluses ahead of time. In addition, CashForce enables you to easily forecast multiple companies, bank accounts and in multiple currencies. Finally, you’ll get a complete & transparent view on your intercompany cash flows.

If you want more information on CashForce email us at wcm@informita.com or go to www.cashforce.com


Innovo is a new global trading platform that is unique in the fact that buyers and sellers are not charged anything unless real business is transacted. So you don't end up wasting lots of money paying to bid or submit RFIs are are ultimately unsuccessful. Innovo have focused on getting high profile blue chip companies on board and this means that they are growing extremely fast. Buyers on board so far have a buying capacity of more than $39 billion and growing. Innovo's business model is that they get a portion of the savings that are also shared with charitable causes. As an accredited partner, Informita has developed a bespoke on-boarding process for Innovo members so that both buyers and suppliers can get the most out of the platform. See more at out landing page at http://innovo-network.com/informita.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers

The Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) sets the global benchmark for treasury excellence. As the chartered professional body for treasury, ACT leads the profession through their internationally recognised suite of treasury qualifications, by defining standards and championing continuous professional development. Informita works with the ACT to develop and deliver training courses focused on working capital optimisation. For more information on these courses please go to: https://www.treasurers.org/learning/learners/training/short-courses/working-capital-optimisation

Integrated Commerce Solutions (Pty) Limited

ICS specialises in comprehensive procurement & payment solutions, including the development and provision of secure world class 3rd Level Data technology and services specifically designed for Commercial Card Programs such as Corporate Card, Procurement Card, Distribution Card and Travel Lodge Card programmes.

The Company applies its expertise, world class skills, business knowledge, professional services and industry leading technology products to enable 2nd generation payment and procurement solutions of the Card associations such as Visa and MasterCard and their Commercial Card Issuers.

ICS developed a purchase order processing front end to their existing settlement technology, called C-Solve Enterprise. This technology puts the organisation in control of both the ordering of specific commodities as well as the actual payment thereof from a single system. The result is a quicker, more secure, more cost effective and more functionally rich technology than anything available in the market today. What makes C-Solve Enterprise unique is the fact that the product was designed around the enhanced benefits of P-Card and that the product has complete and comprehensive procurement and settlement capabilities. The functionality includes quotation capability, audit trails, management approval levels, back order capabilities, variety of meaningful reports.

If you want more information on P-Cards or C-Solve Enterprise email us at C-Solve@informita.com or go to our contacts page.