11 April 2017

A strong WCM strategy depends on promoting a cash culture that is fully understood by all parties, including suppliers, writes Brian Shanahan
Good WCM is not just about dressing up your balance sheet and sticking it to the supply base. Good WCM is about maximising the opportunities for investment and cooperation across the supply chain, not for just one company in the chain.

3 April 2017

Payment terms data skewed as buyers mistrust own systems
Companies around the world are putting some suppliers onto ‘immediate’ payment terms because they don’t trust their own accounts payable processes.

22 November 2016

Why Working Capital Management is good
Please click here to get a copy of the presentation that was shared at the ACT Working Capital Conference. The key message was that good working capital management is a key competitive advantage for your organisation.

23 October 2016

How Blockchain will impact working capital management
How will working capital management be impacted by this new technology

9 October 2016

Working Capital Benchmarks: Apples versus apples? Not really
Brian Shanahan details the pitfalls of working capital benchmark using public information.

14 September 2016

The strategic importance of SCF to the procurement function
Procurement will wind up sacrificing suppliers like chess pawns if it relies on relentless price cutting. SCF offers a more strategic approach.Procurement will wind up sacrificing suppliers like chess pawns if it relies on relentless price cutting. Brian Shanahan explains why SCF offers a more strategic approach.

1 July 2016

Could post-Brexit anxiety affect SCF?
In the first of a regular comment series, consultant Brian Shanahan considers the impact of Brexit on supply chain finance programmes funded by British banks.

4 May 2016

Excess Working Capital in Pharmaceuticals has risen 24% to €51 Billion in two years
Brian Shanahan of Informita sets out the findings of his latest survey of working capital in the pharmaceutical sector.

14 January 2016

Cashforce raises € 1 million from Volta Ventures & Michel Akkermans (ex-Clear2Pay)

Cashforce announces a €1 million Series A funding round led by Volta Ventures and Pamica NV

12 January 2016

Get Paid On Time

The 3 key points to getting paid on time

1 December 2015

Cashforce voorspelt je kasstroom (Cashforce predicts your cash flow)

Accurate cash flow forecasting is no longer a holy grail

1 September 2015

Payment Term Benchmarking can Provide Hard Data to Negotiate

Trade Financing Matters shares 2 case studies of where has been successfully applied.

19 August 2015

3 Caveats with Payment Term Benchmarking

Trade Financing Matters welcomes this guest article from Brian Shanahan, founder of Informita and and co-founder of The Working Capital Channel.

23 July 2015

Do you have the ‘right’, the most effective payment terms?

Brian Shanahan’s Informita consultancy have a neat, short presentation about payment terms which contains loads of common-sense and good ideas.

22 June 2015

4 Steps You Must Take To Get Paid

Informita were invited to speak at an event in Clonmel hosted by the County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce on 12 June 2015. Here is a summary of the main points of the presentation:

2 March 2015

Get precise details of payment terms with from Informita

“How do my payment terms compare with what is being offered in the market?” Informita think they have the solution.“How do my payment terms compare with what is being offered in the market?” Informita think they have the solution.

27 February 2015

Het jargon van supply chain specialisten doorprikt

(The jargon of supply chain specialists punctured)

Brian Shanahan talks about how supply chain jargon can deter CFOs from getting involved with managing inventory levels

24 September 2014

Cash forecasting dominates treasury operations. But are you going about it the right way?

Andrew Burns shares with us some recent research into the accuracy of cash flow forecasting and why so many companies take the wrong approach to try and solve the problem.

12 August 2014

Launch of The Working Capital Channel

Together with our friends at DiscoverEdge, Informita has launched The Working Capital Channel. The Working Capital Channel is the ultimate resource channel to learn about working capital & cash flow management. Readers will benefit from the years of experience, across the globe and in many different environments. We will share experience, best practices, benchmarks, tools and templates without you having to spend considerable sums of money on consulting.

3 June 2014

Free Working Capital Benchmark Service from Informita

Informita has introduced a free benchmarking service so that companies can gain a quick assessment of the potential to improve working capital that might exist within their own balance sheet. They offer companies the opportunity to start their working capital journey by getting a comparison between their key competitors and their own company.

21 May 2014

Mars UK faces late payment "Hall of Shame" threat

Mars UK faces late payment accusations from lobbying group the Forum for Private Business (FPB), which is threatening to place it in its "hall of shame" over the issue.

8 May 2014

Late bill payment remains concern among UK small companies

Late payment of bills remains a serious concern for small companies despite the improving economy, research by a business lobby group has found.

22 January 2014

We’re Still in a Recession, Cash Flow Says

But relative to the 2007-2009 recession, the current capex-poor downturn is puny, a cash-flow review shows.

22 August 2013

Businesses may face late payment fines

24 June 2013

Cash flow forecasting should not just rely on Payables and Receivables entries from the ERP files, more prediction is needed


3 June 2013

Purchase to pay solution combining e-procurement with P-card purchasing provides full line item detail for buyer is coming to Europe


7 May 2013

Businesses unaware of supply chain risk


18 March 2013

Late payers face interest charges after EU directive comes into force

20 February 2013

Procurement must meet the supply chain governance challenge

14 January 2013

The quest for the right kind of stupidity


6 September 2012

New type of consulting service for working capital and procurement: Informita